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I love to experiment with cooking delicious, affordable, home cooked vegetarian and vegan meals and then share them with others. My husband loves to eat the meals I cook, and is happy to set up a website for me to share them on, so together we make a great team! Switching from a standard meat based, convenience food filled American lifestyle to a healthier scratch-made, meat free life can be confusing and overwhelming so I want to help.

On this website

Under the Meal Plans section, you will find five-day week dinner meal plans for two with links to all recipes and instructions. If you don’t have a second person to feed just cut the recipes in half. If you are feeding four, simply double the size. Portions are large, but calories are usually low (I aim for less than 500 calories a meal) and many of the meals are designed to leave leftovers, solving the what’s-for-lunch challenge. Some recipes are very large (Homemade Spaghetti Sauce) because they will be used for a second meal that week, or to freeze it for a fast meal later. One of my kitchen goals is to use everything I buy and never need to throw out produce or leftovers because they are spoiled. Food is expensive and food spoilage wastes my money and yours.

Under the Recipes section I will be cataloging each of the recipes that I created. That way, if you’re looking for a particular meal, it should be easy to find. Otherwise links will be posted in the meal plan to the website where we got the recipe from, which may not be set up for two people.

Why only dinners?

I love eating awesome dinners but I also know that making a meal plan and shopping effectively can be time consuming and exhausting, so this site is here to take the stress out of weeknight yummy, healthy eating. Breakfasts and lunches are not included in this plan because it is based on my personal food preferences and experience. My husband and I make fancy breakfasts on weekends but my weekday mornings are crammed between sleep and work. I usually make microwave oatmeal with banana and dried cranberries, bran flakes with almond milk and raisins, or a sliced apple with a spoon of peanut butter, all while packing my lunch (leftovers or sandwich, and fruit). All too soon I’m out the door, on my way to teach kids about US History. Simple, repetitive breakfasts require little mental energy and planning, as do packed lunches, which have the added benefit of saving LOTS of money. In addition, these breakfasts and lunches are satisfying and low calorie. I focus my attention on the third meal of the day, exploring my creativity, relaxing to the scent and sound of cooking food, and experiencing the sensual, soul satisfying feeling of creating and eating a great meal.


I am not a doctor or nutritionist or any type of trained professional so please talk to one of those if you want to know more about health related concerns. This is simply my personal approach to eating a healthy diet and enjoying life.

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